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How To Meditate With Crystals

The best way to find the crystal that would work for your highest benefit at this very moment is simple – allow yourself to be drawn to it!

I liken it to a field trip for the soul, when you head over to your favorite crystal shop, and let yourself gravitate to a certain stone that’s got your name on it.

When you do that, you always know you’ve found the perfect stone for what you need right now. It could be a certain challenge you’re experiencing, a healing that you’re trying to create within yourself, a grounding that needs to take place when your head is in ten different places at once, or when you’re feeling scattered.

As I always find during this type of search for the perfect stone, it’s not myself who chooses the crystal. It is the crystal that chooses me. And, since it resonates at a certain vibration, I will instantly be attracted to it, because that’s what my spirit is resonating with at that very moment.

So, it’s no surprise when you find the crystal, and read its description with complete shock, and burst out with, “YES! That’s exactly what I need right now!” Oftentimes, we don’t even realize that’s what we needed.

Because, even when we feel we’re clueless or out of touch, our Energy Body is always speaking to us, connecting us to what we need.

We are always held by unseen, loving forces, even when we feel the rug’s been pulled out from under us. (click to tweet)

Sure, sometimes you need to set out to your favorite crystal shop to find a particular crystal ally for a specific purpose, such as:

  • Rose Quartz to help you get in touch with your self-love and compassion for others, heal from past emotional trauma, and promote unconditional love.
  • Carnelian to help strengthen your Sacral Chakra and help you creatively express yourself, as well as when you need to “take the leap” and take action towards your highest goals and dreams.
  • Celestite when you want to communicate with your angels and really feel their presence.
  • Amethyst when you want to heighten your intuition, psychic abilities, and Third Eye Chakra Wisdom.
  • Selenite to create a protective grid in your home (FYI, Black Tourmaline is also excellent for this purpose).
  • Black Tourmaline to strongly protect yourself from psychic attacks, negative energy, and deflect all negativity away from you (& even protect you from electromagnetic pollution from computers and other business electronics, such as at work).
  • Moonstone when you want to get in touch with your feminine power, no matter what gender you are, since it is the gem of the High Priestess, and keeper of the feminine mysteries.

Otherwise, the crystal ally you get drawn to at this moment is the best one to work with!

Cleanse your crystals

Once you’ve found your stone, make sure you cleanse it. Because, God/dess knows who’s touched that stone before you! (Do I sound like your grandmother yet?)

But, seriously, you don’t want someone’s nasty, needy, stuck, or simply anyone else’s energy imprint on your stone!

If you need a primer on how to clean your newly found rock o’ love, or to clear it after having used it heavily (especially if you are doing a lot of energy detoxing), check out my post, “Are You Cleansing Your Crystals The Right Way? A Guide To Crystal Clearing“.

Charge your crystals

Once you’ve cleansed them, now it’s time to charge them (also known as programming, which I know it sounds very Orwellian; but, this will help you get the most out of your crystal work.) To learn how to charge your crystal, check out my related post, “Crystal Work: How To Use Your Crystals“.

How to meditate with crystals

Now that your crystal has chosen you (or you chose it for a specific purpose), and you’ve cleansed it and charged it, now you’re ready to use it to help catapult you into states of inner knowing, being, and enlightenment!

You don’t need to be a seasoned meditator who sits in lotus position all day until the cows come home. Hell, you don’t need to be in any specific position at all!

I personally enjoy meditating while lying down. As long as you’re comfortable, any position will do.

Once comfortable, you can try one of three things to start off your communication with your crystal in a meditative state:

  1. Hold the crystal in your left hand. Our left hand is our receiving hand, and our right hand is our giving hand, energetically. By holding it in your left hand, you are drawing in the healing properties of the stone you are holding. Then, allow yourself to get in touch with how it feels as you hold it. For instance, does it feel like it’s pulsing? Notice if it feels a certain way. It may spark certain emotions within you that are coming up for healing, especially if your clairsentient, and receive your information through feeling it. Or, perhaps you see images or colors, if one of your gifts is receiving information through sight (otherwise known as clairvoyance). If you’re clairaudient, you may receive the crystal’s healing as words or songs (especially repeated refrains). And, if it creates a knowing within you, guidance you wouldn’t otherwise know, that would be your claircognizance perking up. Allow yourself to tune into your style of receiving information. Big word, ALLOW. I have to emphasize this, because all too often we think too hard about making things happen. That’s a quick way to blocking your true wisdom from speaking up! Relax and trust that the information will come to you. And, if no information comes to you, trust that you are receiving the healing on a more subconscious, energetic level. Don’t push, just allow.
  2. Ask your crystal a question. While holding it in your left hand, and taking 3 deep, slow cleansing breaths, clear your mind of extraneous details (such as what you’ll be having for lunch or dinner, the tasks of the day, the paper/article/project you need to write or create, or any pressing matters), and for those next few moments, let them go out the door. You may even want to visualize a broom sweeping out debris and cobwebs from your mind, so you can clear your head to receive any wisdom. If this option of crystal meditation appeals to you, you have likely chosen a crystal for a specific purpose. If this is the case, ask about wisdom towards next steps for the situation that you’re seeking help on. For instance, if you’re using a Rose Quartz to help you cultivate self-love, you can ask the stone, “What aspect of love am I trying to learn right now?” or “What are the best ways to show myself love?” Then, let yourself sit for a bit in stillness, keeping your head clear and open. Let any impressions come through. Take note of how it’s coming through. Don’t dismiss what you’re getting, no matter how silly or small the impressions may seem. It’s all relevant. If you’re drawing a blank, ask the stone’s healing properties to fill you for the meantime, with strength, love, or whatever other high vibrational quality you’d like to own (that is one of your crystal’s traits), and then try again later in the day, or the next.
  3. Lay the crystal on the chakra it’s connected to. Each crystal resonates with a specific chakra, and there are many that resonate with more than one, or even all of them. Find out which one(s) yours vibrates best with. Then, lay down comfortably, placing the stone on the the chakra it’s connected to. You may want to either place both hands over that stone and chakra (with your left hand touching the stone, under your right hand, to receive the healing energy), or place one hand over your navel, and the other over your heart. That latter is a very grounding position, which is especially helpful if you’re having a freakout moment! With each breath, for 3 breaths, release your exhale through your feet. After the third exhale, inhale into the chakra where your crystal is placed. See the sphere of that chakra rotate to its particular color (red = Root Chakra, orange = Sacral Plexus Chakra, yellow = Solar Plexus Chakra, green = Heart Chakra, blue = Throat Chakra, indigo = Third Eye Chakra, purple or white = Crown Chakra). Allow the sphere to spin, pulsing in the intensity of its colored light. This would also be a great time to ask it for any wisdom it may have towards the problem you are trying to resolve, or towards the desired goal.
  4. Give yourself an Amethyst crystal bath. For this, you’ll need 8 Amethyst stones: 1 to place above your head, 1 at your feet, 1 beside each shoulder, 1 beside each hip, and 1 beside each ankle. It’s preferable to use the Amethyst points (with the points turned towards you). But, any version of Amethyst is helpful. This kind of bath will heighten your intuition, be greatly calming (especially in times of big stress), and help you feel more sustained, protected, and held. During this time, you could do a simple meditation of simply allowing yourself to receive the Amethyst’s love and healing. Or, you can choose to be more active and use this time to ask your question(s) that you’d like an answer to. It’s totally up to you. Go with what feels right – yes, this is me gently encouraging you to trust your gut instincts! Ok, maybe it’s more like a loving shove. 🙂

There are so many versions of effectively meditating with crystals, and it just depends on what works best for you.  Choose what feels right, and enjoy transporting yourself into your own personal brand of enlightenment, crystal style!

Do you have a favorite crystal meditation?
Please share it in the comments below, we’d love to know!

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    You have some great information on here. I have been learning Reiki and crystals for a few months now and really appreciate the info!

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    Really good information! Crystals can help to create a deep connection with yourself and universe.

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